So incredibly lucky to have this amazing woman by my side. I was very happy to have her at the release party. @jessica_marlen_ you are an absolute gem.

    American Food pt. 2 - The cookies aisle had me feelin some type of way. Every kind of Oreo you could think of and more. Double stuffed? Try MEGA stuffed! Birthday cake, Golden, Caramel Apple, Watermelon (wtf? Lol) and more! I copped the last pack of Cookie Dough and some brownie filled soft chips ahoy! #MURICAH #nomnom #cookiemonster

    American Food pt. 1 - Steak’n’Shake
    Everything on the menu is $4 or less… #MURICAH #steaknshake #nomnom

    Weekend Wedding Family Flyness #goodgenes #Najm #itmeansstar #beautifulmom

    Words could never do you justice. Here’s to many more years together. I love you so dearly. @jessica_marlen_

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